Keyboard Shortcuts by TC (Version 1.0) for Android is released!

As a proof-of-concept re, we have released the first version of Keyboard Shortcuts by TC to the Google Play app store on April 7, 2018 (yesterday):-

Here are some screenshots for your reference:-

It’s a free app (also ad-free) so you can download from the app store and give it a try.

It is a simple app which provides a list of keyboard shortcuts for:-

• Microsoft Windows 10
• Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows
• Microsoft Excel 2016 for Windows
• Apple Mac OS X

In addition to keyboard shortcuts, it also provides information on:-

• Common special characters (e.g. © copyright, ™ Trademark etc.)
• ASCII Codes (standard and control characters)
• Instant Messaging/Chat Lingo & Acronyms
• Emoticons
• Function Keys
• Useful Smartphone Codes
• Screen test (for dead pixels)
• Green screen and blue screen for video/photo production (i.e. chroma key) [Note: this is not a video production application.]

This is the initial release (version 1.0) and we hope you find this app handy and useful.

We don’t like ads so there is no ad in this app. However, a paid version (i.e. Shortcuts Pro by TC) with more shortcuts, tips and other information will be released.

More information-based / knowledged-based apps will also be released in the coming months!

Thank you.


Bose QuietComfort 35 (QC35) hardware update/refresh?


It seems Bose is going to release an update to its top-of-the-line QC35 noise cancelling headphones. As of this writing, it seems The Verge is the only tech news site reporting this:-

Bose accidentally reveals unreleased headphones in email newsletter

As the article states, there is a new button on the left earcup. It would be interesting to see what it does: “…it might allow users to temporarily disable the noise cancellation or splice in some outside audio when they need a better sense of what’s happening in the world around them. That’s among our favorite features of Sony’s MDR-1000X, one of the QC35’s main competitors.” – I certainly hope so!

Also, in case you don’t know, the new firmware for Bose QC-35 finally provides three Acoustic Noise Cancellation (ANC) modes: High, Low and Off ( The level can be selected via the Bose Connect App. Perhaps the new button on the revised hardware will provide a way to select the ANC level without using the accompanying app.

For now, I am sticking with my old Bose QC15 (headphones) and QC20 (earphones/earbuds).



You can finally add dividers to Andorid RecyclerView without custom codes!


I was having coffee with a friend yesterday and he asked me about the missing “divider” support in the Android RecyclerView…Well, I should have posted this long time ago as the latest version of the Support Library is Revision 26.0.0 Beta 2 (June 2017)!

With the release of Android Support Library Revision 25.0.0 (October 2016), Google finally provides built-in divider support for its RecyclerView (I still cannot believe they didn’t provide such fundamental support in its initial release.).

Under the New APIs section of Rev. 25.0.0 (

  • android.v7.widget.RecyclerView.DividerItemDecoration class provides a base implementation for vertical or horizontal dividers between items.

For example:

DataItemAdapterRecyclerView adapter = new 
DataItemAdapterRecyclerView(this, dataItemList);

RecyclerView recyclerView = (RecyclerView) findViewById(;

DividerItemDecoration mDividerItemDecoration = new DividerItemDecoration(
                recyclerView.getContext(), getResources().getConfiguration().orientation);

For details, please refer to the documentation on DividerItemDecoration





Xiaomi Electric Scooter Unboxing

(Haven’t blogged for a while…)

I received my Xiaomi Electric Scooter (i.e. an electric kick scooter, also known as Mi Electric Scooter) yesterday (well…technically, it’s my brother’s) and here are the unboxing photos.

Model number: M365, Offical website (in  Simplified Chinese only…sigh:

It is not listed on their international website so I suppose availability is currently limited to a handful of markets. Just FYI and a CYA note (since I commute between Hong Kong and Shenzhen very often): In Hong Kong, motorized/electric bicycles, kick scooters and self-balancing scooters such as Segway etc. are banned…so I will only ride this sort of vehicles in SZ, China.

It is not listed on their international website. They only list the Ninebot mini self-balancing scooter (parent company of Segway) ( In case you are not aware, segway was acquired by Ninebot; in turn, Ninebot was acquired by Xiaomi (…another sigh! Well, on a positive note, at least they are able to bring the prices down.

My puppy Tidy can’t wait!

Version 1.2…so is it the latest one? I hope so as my cousin ordered for me/my brother from Xiaomi’s Official Chinese Website directly.

Nicely packed…except for the white box! I am debating if I should keep the box so that I can easily ship it when I eventually leave HK/SZ. Maybe I will order a new one and ship it when the time comes…Given the relative low prices, I guess I would get one of each: this scooter, a Ninebot mini and their electric bicycles when I leave…haha!

Why everyone has to copy the fruity company’s packaging! Dislike! The box includes user’s manual, safety guide, legal disclaimer (of course…) etc. There is a QR code for you to download their apps (Apple and Android…no Windows Phone).





Simple assembly is required…it comes with a screwdriver and 4 screws for assembling the handle-bar.



Who let the dog in! ;-P

Tidy, the scooter-riding puppy! 🙂

Power supply for charging and a tube adapter for air pumps. At some point, we will need to inflate the tires.

LED power indicators

The headlight should be bright enough…will test and report back.

Tail light

The charging port is covered so there should be sufficient water resistance.

It’s obvious that it requires a proprietary charger as USB-charging wouldn’t do it…power output: 250W (power-save mode) up to 18km/h, 500W (normal mode) up to 25km/h. Range: up to 30 km…I will have to test and verify.

The scooter was already half charged so I will have to time the actual charging time in due course.

That’s it for now!

– TC


Steps to Prevent WhatsApp from Sharing Your Data with Facebook

Here are the steps to prevent WhatsApp from sharing your data with Facebook:-
1. When you are prompted (note: you will eventually be prompted…this option cannot be found in the app), click the ^ (i.e. the up arrow/pointer) beside “Read more about the key updates to our Terms and Privacy Policy.“;
WhatsApp sharing data with FB 1 of 3
2. Uncheck the checkbox beside “Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook…”; and
WhatsApp sharing data with FB 2 of 3
3. Click “AGREE” (Actually, I don’t quite agree but there is no free lunch!).
WhatsApp sharing data with FB 3 of 3
Here you go!

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– TC

Simple Tip: You should do this before you lose your digital camera and your precious memory!

From time to time, we hear news about someone “reunited” with his or her lost mobile phone, digital camera, GoPro, drone, sd-card etc.; however, those are the rare cases. In reality, most owners would never see their gears (along with their precious photos and videos) ever again! They all gone F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

I suggest putting/saving a simple ascii text file (e.g. _If_found.txt, _Lost_n_Found.txt, _Please_Read_If_Found etc. – remember to put an underscore as the first character of the filename) on both the internal memory (if any) and all of your memory card (e.g. sd-card, micro-sd etc.) so that whoever found it or stole it from you can at the very least return the memory card to you…Yes, I may be naive that a theft would return something to you…well, some thefts do have code…maybe…just maybe.

In the text file, you may set out your name, address, email, phone number etc. along with a message. To increase your odd, you may:

  • suggest the finder to keep the gear/hardware BUT do return the memory (or save all the files from the internal/main memory to a memory card for); and/or
  • offer a reward, etc.

Well, you got the idea and good luck!


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– TC

My first thoughts on the New Bose QC35 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

[Updated on 21 June 2016 - Please see my comment re "controllable noise cancellation" at the bottom of this post.]

My prayers have finally been answered (see my previous post): Bose has finally released its first set of wireless noise cancelling headphones, the Bose QuietComfort 35 / QC35, on June 5, 2016 (along with few other wireless products such as QuietControl 30 / QC30 earbuds)!

From the press photos, the QC35 looks handsomely stylish and very similar to other Bose around-ear headphones such as QC25 and Soundlink Wireless Headphones.

Bose QuietComfort 35 / QC35:


Despite the excitement, I think Bose should have integrated their new “controllable noise cancellation” technology (found on the soon-to-be-released QC30 earbuds) into the QC35 headphones. According to its press release:-

For wherever you are or whatever you’re doing, a new Bose breakthrough — controllable noise cancellation — puts you in charge of how much of the world you shut out. From needing awareness on a busy sidewalk, to complete isolation for work, to taking a call from home in a crowded cafe — the QC30 lets owners choose what they hear. Turn its noise cancellation up or down, not on or off, and it adapts to the level you set without changing your music volume.


Bose QuietControl 30 / QC30:


In my opinion, that’s a missed opportunity! Such controllable noise cancellation is nothing new (maybe only new to Bose products). Some companies such as Sennheiser already have similar technologies on their products for years. Perhaps it’s a matter of design decision that the Bose engineers do not think controllable noise cancellation is needed on around-ear headphones.

Updated: According to a Wired UK article (click to see the full article), here is the reason “Controllable Noise Cancellation” is not available on the QC35s: “Bose revealed this innovative feature could not be added to the QC35s as their development started earlier than the 30s. The designers could not make the function work properly with the new system, and therefore performance would have been compromised”. Given that, I may just wait for the next refresh.


The bottom line: I have to start saving money for my fifth set of Bose… 🙁


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– TC

Old-school Internet: Text-based Emoticons


In 2003, I produced a series of coffee mugs for sale on the Internet. There were about five or six different designs and each one featured various Internet or IT-related information such as TCP/IP network stacks, snippets of “Hello World!” source codes in different programming languages, Emoticons, Internet Lingo etc. I called them the “InfoCups” and a bunch of them were sold via “” (I  no longer own this domain) and “” (the very first version…this blog site is its latest reincarnation). I was based in Toronto at the material time but I had to relocate to Hong Kong in a rush in Jan 2006…Everything was put on hold until now!

When I visited Toronto in 2015, I found some remaining InfoCups in my buddy’s basement. Basically, “my former life” (i.e. my belongings) has been stored in his basement since 2006 (Yes, I owe him a big big big favor!). I returned to HK with few of these mugs (see picture below):-

  1. Express Yourself with Emoticons!

Note: A table of all emoticons are list at the bottom of this post. Just scroll down!


2. /* Hello World! */


3. OSI Reference & TCP/IP Models (black)


4. OSI Reference & TCP/IP Models (white)


Text-based Emoticons / Emojis 🙂

Emoticons (or emojis) have been around since the beginning of the Internet but it might still be new to many users back in late 1990s/early 2000s. Nowadays, such text-based old-school emoticons may have been replaced by icon/picture-based emojis and it’s no surprise that many people still don’t get the meanings of some less popular old-school ones so I thought would share them with you. Here are all the emoticons featured on one of those InfoCups (2003), titled “Express Yourself with Emoticons!“:-

No. Emoticon Meaning


🙂 or 🙂 simle/happy


😀 open-mouthed/big grin


:-O or 😮 surprised/shocked


😛 tongue sticking out


😉 winking


🙁 sad/frowning


:-< very sad


😐 disappointed/straight face


:'-( or :,-( crying


:'-) crying with joy


:-$ embarrassed/shhh…


:-@ or >:-( angry/screaming/what?


X-( angry


>:-> or >:) devilish


^o) or :-> sarcastic/smug


:-S or :-/ confused/worried


B-) cool


:-* or :-{} kiss


(-: left-handed


(:-| tired


😕 or *-) thinking…


/:-) or `:-) raised eyebrow


I-) or |-) asleep (Zzz…)


\-0 or |-o bored/yawning


|^o snoring


:-& tongue-tied


:-6 exhausted


:-9 delicious


:~/ mixed up


0:-) angel


:*> blushing


8-} silly


:)) laughing


:-V shouting


[[name]] hugging <someone>


:^o liar liar


:-# or 😡 lips are sealed


:-* secret telling


:^) i don't know


:-() can't stop talking


[-( not talking (not in the mood)


8-| eye-rolling


:-B nerd/buck-toothed


*-:) idea


:-~) has a cold (running nose)


+o( sick


@};- rose


@–>–>- long-stem rose


<3 heart


^5 high five


*<:-) Santa Claus hat


<:o) party hat


*:o) or :o) clown


😕 smoker


3:-o cow


:@) pig


O-> male


O+ female


…—… sos

Hope you like this post! 😉

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– Terence Cheong

Android Phones: Hardware HOME button & Capacitive BACK and RECENT buttons are essential!

Over the last couple of years, with the exception of Samsung’s, most Android smartphones released by major manufacturers were without the hardware BACK and RECENT buttons. Instead, users get those ugly soft buttons which, when pop-up, occupy precious screen real estate. They are such an eye sores!

Thankfully, HTC has finally realized the mistake and made the right choice by restoring the capacitive BACK and RECENT buttons on its new HTC 10 flagship phone (2016).

Example: Samsung Galaxy S7 (capactive and hardware buttons circled):


Hopefully, other manufacturers like Sony, LG will follow suit. After all, they made a mistake by following Apple in removing such essential and functional designs from their Android phones (“renovating by removing great features“…LOL). In my opinion, function-over-form is crucial for non-Apple users (I know I know…I am just some random blogger on the Internet…so no one cares).

Next…removable battery PLEASE!

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– Terence Cheong